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New Listing: Twiisted Design Print MediaNew ListingNew Listing: Twiisted Design Print Media (added 1/14/2017)

Started with an idea sprinkled with creativity, passion and a love for design. This idea evolved to a commercial design & print company. We are a Richmond, BC based print shop providing award-winning commercial car wrap, graphics, print service

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New Listing: Crossborder Vehicle SalesNew ListingNew Listing: Crossborder Vehicle Sales (added 1/14/2017)

The Crossborder team is entirely dedicated to ensuring the smoothest transition for getting your cars from lot to auction and sold to buyers hassle-free.

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New ListingNew Listing: Lulu Island Winery (added )

Now, Lulu Island Winery is the newest and largest winery in Richmond! It produces many quality wines including red and white table wines, fruit wines, and Canada's very own icewines.

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New ListingNew Listing: Andrés Wines Ltd. (Peller Estates) (added )

Permanently Cloed

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New ListingNew Listing: Lulu Island Winery (added )

Now, Lulu Island Winery is the newest and largest winery in Richmond! It produces many quality wines including red and white table wines, fruit wines, and Canada's very own icewines.

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view listing for BOOST Design + MarketingFeatured ListingBOOST Design + Marketing

BOOST Design + Marketing is a strategic graphic design/branding/web development & social media marketing agency based in Vancouver, BC. We specialize in corporate identity, Wordpress web development and social media marketing.

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view listing for Bell - West 4th - KitslanoFeatured ListingBell - West 4th - Kitslano

Your one-stop shop for all your communication needs: cellular phone service from Bell Mobility, satellite television from Bell ExpressVu, the latest wireless technology, and phones for your home or business. Also: Bell Long Distance calling cards.

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view listing for Astatic SolutionsFeatured ListingAstatic Solutions

Astatic Solutions was formed to provide businesses with the best possible results at the best possible price. We offer web design, search engine optimization and eMarketing services - all executed with a focus on functionality and performance.

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view listing for TelTalentFeatured ListingTelTalent

Teltalent helps companies save time and money when handling phone calls. Whether it is telephone surveying, customer inquiries, phone answering, or cold calling we help create a great first impression on the phone. Contact us for free estimate!

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view listing for LingoStarFeatured ListingLingoStar

We provide translation services in more than 50 languages:document ,website & language translation for Canada and USA. Other services: voiceovers, transcriptions in foreign languages, bilingual guiding, conference interpretation & subtitling.

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Our Computer section links to the latest hardware buying guides, taking guesswork out buying palm-top wireless computers, LCD flat-panel displays, for either PC or Mac!

We also have links for the latest downloadable software, tools, and stock images for programing or your own web design.


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FoundLocally's Communications section includes info about local broadcast & print media, and about advertising on them. For writers, we have key reference tools, including dictionaries, and thesauruses.

Get information about tradeshow marketing. We also have the best listing of local web designers, and other communications pros & suppliers.

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Our Human Resources section has links and information helpful for employers and HR managers including tips on hiring (and firing) employees. Post jobs and volunteer opportunities with our FREE LISTINGS.

Job hunters can find tips for polishing your resume & interview skills. Search our Jobs Board, other job hunting links, and post your resume for employers to find.


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FoundLocally's Financial section covers investing for investors, on the stock exchanges, and researching public disclosure documents through SEDAR (in Canada) and EDGAR (in the US). For the business person, we have information and links to tax & accounting information. We also cover consumer banking, lending, and mortgages.

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FoundLocally's Business Operations includes topics not found in the other business-to-business section, including dealing with lawyers, office furnishings & equipment, mailing & couriers.

Looking for the latest postal rates?

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FoundLocally's Space & Facilities covers everything from buying or leasing commercial, retail, or office space, as well as leasehold improvements, and maintaining the space.

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This coming-soon Natural Resources area enables companies in the forestry, mining, and natural resources sector, as well as in the civic construction and in general manufacturing to add themslves to our FREE LISTINGS and post jobs, news, and events to our site.

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