Blue Ridge, Seymour Heights (District of North Vancouver) - Vancouver neighbourhoods

These neighbourhoods lie north of Mount Seymour Parkway, and lie on a gentle slope. Riverside East lies close to the banks of the Seymour River, and Seymour Heights (close to Mt Seymour Parkway) and Blue Ridge (higher up the mountainside) lie further east.

These communities were developed in the 1960s with secluded cul-de-sacs in a forested setting, great for growing families. The community has good access to Second Narrows Bridge, to access Vancouver and/or Burnaby workplaces.


A kilometre to the East is the Parkgate Village Shopping Centre and as far west is the Real Canadian Superstore, just east of the /Transportation-Canada Highway 1 (Upper Levels Highway). A little further west is the Park & Tilford Centre with shopping, restaurants and movie theatre.


These neighbourhoods are served by Blueridge Elementary and Seymour Heights Elementary. The Windsor Secondary is across the Seymour Parkway. The public library is just east beside the Parkgate Village Shopping Centre


Blueridge connects across the Seymour River to Lynn Canyon Park via the Baden-Powell Trail. These neighbourhoods are across the street from the Canlan Ice Sports North Shore facility, Seymour Youth Centre, and the Ron Andrews RecCentre. Also nearby is Maplewood Farm, a functioning farm and children's attraction. .A bit to the west are the North Shore Winter Club, the SeyLynn Rec Centre, the fitness facilities at Cap College, and the North Shore Equestrian Club, and also close-by is excellent skiing at Mount Seymour, and golfing at two golf courses. View North To Mount Seymour


Riverside East, Blue Ridge, and Seymour Heights are mostly single family homes on wide (60'x120') lots on quiet streets. Price Range: $350,000 to $750,000

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