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Blundell is centrally located in among the residential communities of West Richmond, and includes the neighbourhoods of Laurelwood, Twin Cedars, Kilgour, Park Lane, Sheriden. This community is located between Granville Ave and the Steveston Highway, and between Railway Ave to the west and Gilbert Rd to the east adjoining the City Centre.


Most of the homes in this area are single family homes


The spine of the Blundell community is No. 2 Road, and Blundell Shopping Centre as a major destination.


Bike pathways in the community's western border along Railway Ave and and east-west trail alongside Williams Rd. The Thompson Community Centre is north-west of Granville Ave & No 2 Rd


Homes along Blundell Rd This part of Richmond has 8 elementary schools and is served by Steveston-London Secondary in the south and Burnett Secondary in the north. Post-secondary students have a commute to any institution of higher learning.

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