Upper Lonsdale / North Lonsdale ( North Vancouver) - Vancouver neighbourhoods

Delbrook is a nice community between Mosquito Creek to the west and Thain Creek to the east, with most homes on the side streets off Delbrook Avenue.

Upper Delbrook is built on both sides of Mosquito Creek above Montroyal Blvd, and was developed in the 1950s and 60s with multiple cul-de-sacs giving houses outstanding views of Downtown Vancouver and/or Vancouver Island.


Locals head to Westview Shopping Centre, down Delbrook below Queens (at the Upper Levels Highway) or head down Highland Blvd to Edgemont Village. Shoppers are also close to u to Lonsdale Avenue, which has r its cafés, restaurants and shops concentrated south of the Upper Levels Highway.


The area is served by Braemar Elementary to the south and Monteray Elementary to the north, and by Handsworth Senior Secondary,


The area is nestled around Mosquito Creek with a significant ravine park. The community is at the foot of the Grouse Mountain Skyride with the infamous "Grouse Grind" hiking trail up the mountain (note: there are bear and wolf warnings at the bottom of the trail) There is a Para-Sailing field near Grouse Woods. To the west is beautiful Capilano Lake, with an impressive park adjacent to Cleveland Dam.

Down the hill, off Queens, is William Griffin Park, just above the Upper Levels, with a community hall and an indoor pool.


These neighbourhoods are a combinations of bungalows and post & beam homes on generous lots hold an attraction for families to this day. Above Montroyal Boulevard, steep and terraced lots are the setting for some spectacular homes. Price Range: $400,000 to $1,300,000

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