Dunbar-Southlands (West Side of Vancouver) - Vancouver neighbourhoods

These neighbourhoods are adjacent to the UBC Endowment lands and Pacific Spirit Park, and run along the length of Dunbar Street. Dunbar lies north of West 41st, and has large single family homes on tree lined avenues. Dunbar Street itself has more apartments nestled amongst the shops and services. Southlands is the southern portion, sloping down to the Strait of Georgia and is home to very big and expensive homes, including some significant estates, some dating back to when the area was still farmland. The area is adjacent to three private (and pricey) golf courses. Along the shores of Southlands are many nice places to watch the mighty Fraser River flow into the ocean, and look south to the Vancouver International Airport on Sea Island.


The area has mostly large single family homes, some dating to the early 1900s, with some rental apartments along Dunbar Street. You can identify homes built in the 1920s, since zoning in those days required that houses be built well back on their lots The Southland area has large homes, and estates, many on former rural farmland, and with stables for horses. In the west side of Southland are single family homes, some on 33 ft or 66 ft wide lots.

Unique to Southlands, there are also some homes on lands that are part of the Musqueam Indian Reserve, where non-native homes are on long term leases (carefully note the expiry dates!).


There area has lots of shopping and restaurants along Dunbar Street (from West 16th to West 31st Avenue) and along West 41st Ave around Dunbar/.


There are also many parks in the area, largest being Memorial Park West on Dunbar, and Musqueam Park, south of Southwest Marine Drive. The community's prize park is the very rugged Pacific Spirit Regional Park to the west. The area is also home to the 2,000 year old Camosun Bog , with an entrance to the Bog boardwalks (Camosun and W 19th Ave). Along Southland's Fraser River floodplains, are several horseback riding operations in the area, open year round.


The neighbourhood is served by 8 elementary schools, and by Lord Byng Secondary in the north and Prince of Wales secondary n the south. There is a public library on Dunbar. The community is close to the UBC campus, and Langara College is three kilometers to the east.

West Side of Vancouver Neighbourhoods Map