Princess Park, Boundary in North Vancouver - Vancouver neighbourhoods

The neighbourhoods are east of Lonsdale and wrapped around pretty Princess Park. Braemar is north of the park (along Braemar Rd), Boundary to the south of the park, and Carisbrook to the southwest. The Boundary neighbourhood lies partly in the City of North Van and partly in the District of North Van, and is nestled in the nook below 29th Avenue, where the Upper Levels Highway begins its drop to the Second Narrows and meets the diagonal of Lynn Valley Rd.


To the east of this neighbourhood is Lynn Valley Centre, and to the south, via Grand BLvd is .the Park and Tilford Shopping Centre, with a movie theatre and the picturesque Park & Tilford Gardens. To the west is Lonsdale Avenue, with the shopping and dining concentrated south of the Upper Levels Highway..


These neighbourhoods are served by Carisbrook Elementary north of the park, and Boundary Elementary south of the park, and Argyle Secondary School. The nearest public library is at Lynn Valley Centre.


Princess Park is nicely forested, and has Hastings Creek run through it, with a small pond and tennis course


The Princess Park neighbourhood has good-sized homes ranging from 20 and 50 years old around this wide open park with mature trees. Homes in the Boundary neighbourhood, built on the southeast slope of the 29th Street hill have great views to the east to Mount Seymour and Mount Baker. Price Range: $300,000 to $700,000

The Braemar Park area was developed in the 1990s, and has larger (3500 - 5000 sq ft) and more luxurious homes, on steep, mountainside-type lots (some a large as a half-acre). Braemar is still being developed, with lots still available from the District of North Van. Price Range: $600,000 to $1,200,000

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