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Steveston is the part of Richmond where the Fraser River meets the Pacific Ocean, South of Williams Rd and west of No 2 Rd. Steveston includes a number of neighbourhoods including Holly Park, and Westwind. Steveston has developed a unique character and sense of community over the past century and is a well-balanced neighbourhood with local jobs, many local parks and services, and a range of housing options. The Steveston area has a number of industrial properties along the Fraser River.

Steveston, founded by William Steves in 1889, used to be an important fishing and canning centre with a hard-drinking, rough-and-tumble populace. Today, it's a fairly charming seaside village that has retained and embellished much of its heritage flavour. Tourists visit the community to see Steveston Wharf, with its great restaurants and some of the best fresh fish in the region. The community is friendly, and shares its great scenery. welcome community spirit; spectacular scenery. The downside is it is at the southwest edge of Richmond, meaning lengthy commutes to Vancouver.


The Steveston area is mostly single family homes, with low rise apartments / condos west of 7th Avenue along the seawall. There is plenty of variety in housing, with older cottages, character homes and bungalows; new senior-executive homes and waterfront condos.

Homes in Steveston run $750,000-1.1 million; with townhouses running $400-800,000, and condos can cost $230,000-1 million.


The Steveston Village Shopping area (No 1 Rd & Moncton St) is the retail focal point of the community. Richmond laos has several key shopping centres, most clustered along No. 3 Road near Richmond's city centre, including Richmond Square, Richmond Centre and Landsdowne Park.


Steveston has a number of neighbourhood parks scattered around. The west side of Steveston is bordered by Garry Point Park which is the south anchor for the West Dyke Trail, and there are a number of other parks and green pathways through the community, as well as a bike route along Railway Ave runs up the middle of the community.

With its position on the junction of the Fraser River and the Strait of Georgia, recreation is predominated by the water. Garry Point Beach and the fishing village are certainly the focal points. Across the Fraser River is the Reifel Bird Sanctuary, a 400-hectare reserve for migratory birds.

The Historic Fishing Village of Steveston is a quaint & touristy area of Richmond with a boardwalk and lots of fresh seafood, restaurants, galleries, shops, whale watching and several award-winning attractions including the Britannia Heritage Shipyard, the Gulf of Georgia Cannery, and whale-watching tours where you can see killer whales (orca), dolphins, porpoises, seals, sea lions, and sea birds like eagles and herons.

There is an entertainment centre near Steveston highway & Number 6 Road, to the east, with a wave pool, waterslides, fitness centre, basketball courts, multiple ice rinks, bowling lanes, 18 theatres and an IMAX. Richmond also has a number of golf courses both public and private.


Steveston has 3 elementary schools, a public library, and the McMath Secondary school. Post-secondary students have a commute to any institution of higher learning.

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