The West End, North Arm, Connaught Heights in New Westminster

New Westminster's West End was once fairly separate from the city proper, and has about 8,000 residents. The area is served by the 22nd Street SkyTrain station. The Connaught Heights neighbourhood lies west of 20th Street (which runs into Griffiths in Burnaby) and has almost grown 25% since 1995.The West End community, between 12th and 20th Streets and north of 6th Ave has been fairly stable and has an average household income of $70,000. The North Arm, is west of 12th Street ad south of 6th Ave and has almost doubled in population since 1995, largely due to the new condos and apartments built in the area close to the SkyTrain and riverfront. North Arm residents' average household income was $74,000


Most Connaught Heights and West End residents live in single detached houses, with small families (average size: 3), while most North Arm North residents live in apartments/ condos with a higher than average being owner-occupied.


The neighbourhood's commercial areas along 12th Street and 20th Streets are the art deco section of the city and feature many antique, and one-of-a-kind stores and is designated. They host an annual Ragtime Fest on 12th Street.


The neighbourhoods have a number of small parks scattered around and the larger Moody has an outdoor pool, as well as a nearby Mercer Stadium, Moody Pak Arena, Vincent Massey Auditorium.


These neighbourhoods are served by 2 elementary schools, and are close to New Westminster High.

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