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This neighbourhood, south of East 41st Street between Knight St and Elliott, is mostly single family homes except close to Victoria Drive where there are more apartments. The area within a -kilometre of Victoria & East 41st Avenue has the highest concentration of Chinese families in Greater Vancouver, making this area Chinatown South with non-stop Chinese stores & restaurants along the streets. The south end of the community, south of South East Marine Drive


This community is a mix of houses, houses divided into rental units, and walk-up apartments. There are pockets of low-rise condos and townhouses throughout, especially south of Marin e Drive along the Fraser


Shopping in the area in along the south end of Main Street has a East Indian focus while along Victoria Drive is very Chinese. The carea's closest mall is Champlain Square (Kerr & East 54th) Marine Drive Townhouses


The community has a umber of small and mid-sized parks scattered around. The Fraserview golf courses is adjacent.


This neighbourhood is mature, with 7 elementary schools, 2 public libraries, and a secondary school. The neighbourhood is close to Vancouver Community College (West 49th & Ontario)

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