Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland Voting Rules

City of Vancouver (and all municipal) Local Government Elections are held every three years. The next election for Mayor, Councillors, School Trustees and Park Commissioners will be held in November, 2008.

To be eligible to vote in the City elections, you must be a Canadian citizen at least 18 years of age on election day. You must also reside in the City of Vancouver for thirty days and in the Province of British Columbia for six months.

A person can also apply to vote (even if they do not live in the City) if they own real estate, provided the property is registered in their own name (not a business's) and has been owned for at least thirty days (if the person has also resided in the Province of British Columbia for six months). Only one vote by a person not living in the City is permitted per property.

The City of Vancouver utilizes the Provincial Voters List prepared by Elections BC as the basis of the City List of Electors. As such, all persons registered as Provincial electors in the City of Vancouver , at the time the City List is prepared, are automatically included on the City List. In order to receive a ballot and vote, however, all persons must declare on the day of voting, they are eligible to vote and must have not voted before in that election.

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