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Background of the Sport

Pitch and Putt Golfers

A favorite pastime for both locals and seasoned visitors of Vancouver is going to your local Pitch and Putt golf course. No need to be an expert golfer - all one needs is a weekend interest in giving some clubs a swing, and around ten bucks. Holes vary from 20 to 100 yards, and two irons plus a putter will do you nicely for the day. No driving, no hiking for miles with loads of expensive gear - just pitching and putting your ball. Vancouver and area has several public pitch and putt golf courses that are almost always available for walk-on games, and the price makes missing Pebble Beach not such a big deal.

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Because the courses is more compact, the only equipment needed are two irons and a putter.

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There are several Pitch and Putt courses in the Lower Mainland:

Location Address Phone Number Comments

Central Park Pitch & Putt

3883 Imperial Street


Kensington Park Pitch & Putt

5889 Curtis Street



West Richmond Pitch & Putt Golf Course

9751 Pendleton Road.

(604) 271-7333

Nine hole course, in Hugh Boyd Community Park, bordered by No. 1 Road, Francis Road, Pendleton and Parksville Road.


Queen Elizabeth Park Pitch & Putt

Queen Elizabeth Park


Open: Feb thru Nov.
In the heart of residential Vancouver and close to the popular Van Dusen Gardens.

Rupert Park Pitch & Putt

3402 Charles Street


Open: Feb thru Nov

Stanley Park Pitch & Putt

Stanley Park (near Beach Ave entrance)


Open: Year Round
Located near the Lost Lagoon, the tennis courts and the lawn-bowling area

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