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Vancouver Skateboarding - information about the sport

Written by Steve Garcia

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Skateboarders having fun

The skateboard has become a standard item of equipment for many young adults. With the growing popularity of skateboarding since it's invention, the skateboard can be associated with youthful energy and adventurousness. In essence, skateboarding may be a solo sport but boarders usually hang around in groups while performing stunts or runs.

It takes coordination to apply balance and grace to master the sport of skateboarding. The fitness benefits as a result of skateboarding are that the joints and the stability of ligaments around the knees and ankles are strengthened. This is in part to the running, boarding and stunt performance involved in skateboarding.

In the late 1950s, the skateboard was invented as a means of surfing outside of water. The idea stemming from surfing enthusiasts, frustration on relying on the weather conditions to surf. The first skateboards were basically the bases of roller skates nailed to the front and back ends of wooden planks.

Sksyrboarder Standard maneuvers for skateboarding include the 180, 360 and the "Ollie". The "Ollie" was invented by Alan Ollie Gelfand and the manoeuvre involved leaping into the air while having the board stay flush with your feet.

With skateboarding growing popularity, more and more specialized skateboarding parks are being built. Some in which formal competitions are being held such as the popular extreme sports competition, the X-Games.

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When choosing the right equipment for skateboarding it is important to be selective. Skateboards vary depending on the styles of riding you wish to do. Things to pay attention to when choosing a board are the skateboard deck, the trucks (components, which the wheels are attached to), and the wheels, which is the most critical element of a skateboard as it provides functionality and safety. The prices can range from $20 - $200. Other equipment includes helmets that are designed specifically for skateboarding, and protective pads for your knees and elbows and wrist supports. Wearing comfortable, loose fitting clothing and investing in a good pair of skateboarding shoes adds to the skateboarding experience.

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Vancouver bylaw: No person shall coast or slide with skates, skateboard or other apparatus on any street, lane or other public place. For more skateboarding info contact the Vancouver SkatePark Coalition at 604-505-8772



Ambleside Skatepark West Vancouver At Ambleside Park on the beach front in West Vancouver. Take Lions Gate Bridge from Vancouver go west on Marine Dr. then left on 13th St. Some hips and ledges, but pretty small.
Brig House, Richmond   good six stair ledge, benches, ledges, straight three stair ledges and two flat rails to drop.
Camby Street Bridge, Vancouver under Camby St Bridge over False Creek, in Van two good stair ledges, small drop, weird flat rail, and ledges
Club Aviva Skatepark From Vancouver , take #1 Hwy. East to Brunette Exit ,east. Right on Lougheed Hwy, Right on King Edward St., Left on United Blvd., and right on Brigantine Dr, and its on the right hand side. Indoor 6 foot Mini ramp, quarter pipes, banks, and a pyramid.
Coquitlam Skatepark, Coquitlam    
Downtown Park, Vancouver under the Georgia Viaduct, at the intersection of Quebec and Union
New (still under construction?) for 2003
Griffin Skatepark, North Vancouver Griffin Park, North Vancouver Free public concrete banks, snake run, and bowl.
Ladner, Delta Beside the Ladner Leisure Center features two half fun boxes, a pyramid, a half bowl, a quarter pipe, a hat top, and a pyramid
New Westminster Skatepark Behind New Westminster High school on 6th st. and 8th Ave. A number of hips, spines and bumps. Fun for big Ollies and carving.
Seylynn Skatepark, North Vancouver   Public concrete snake run and bowl. Free.
Squamish Skatepark, Squamish    
Surrey Skatepark (Surrey) At Bear Creek Park, Surrey. King George Hwy and 88th St. Hips, straight bar, rail, ledges, and a climbing wall. On-street parking.
The Cract Pipe, Vancouver 136 Powell (just west of Main) 66 foot long indoor half-pipe located in the Downtown Eastside
Victory Square Barcelona Bench,Vancouver Part of the Cambie Street Bridge - China Creek - Hastings - Lee Side - Venebles Park - Victory Square linked skatespots a pilot project of the "skate spot" approach. It's a spot, not a park, with street-furniture style elements.

Whistler Skatepark, Whistler Village Two hours north of downtown Vancouver on Highway 99  
White Rock Skatepark, White Rock 146th Street and 20th Avenue huge skatepark. Alongside the bowl, there is now a park that boasts a huge fun box with a rail off of a drop off, a rail going down a bank, a square double kinked rail, ledges down the banks, a double kinked ledge, a roller coaster straight bar, a quarter pipe inset on a bank, hips, a spine, and a curvy ledge on top of a bank.
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