The object of golf is to hit a little ball using a "club" into a hole some distance away. While the first golf clubs were fashioned from tree branches, today's clubs are manufactured from graphite and titanium clubs for greater distance and accuracy. Golf courses typically have 18 holes, with long tree-lined fairways and manicured greens. To add to the challenge, some holes are protected by water barriers and sand traps, and the fairways surrounded by "rough" grass. Some holes are even hidden from the tee-off (with a bent "dog leg" fairway).

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To golf, you need a set of golf clubs comprised of between nine and 14 clubs (the maximum allowed by the rules of golf) kept in a golf bag. You can rent these at a golf course, or buy them at most sporting goods stores. Serious golfers also invest in golf gloves, to enhance their control of the club.

These clubs include both "woods" and "irons". Woods are heavier clubs used for distance. A 1-wood and 3-wood are needed for teeing off on longer holes. A fairway wood (usually designated a 5-wood) may used on the course to reach the green on a long hole. Today's woods are available in metal, graphite and of course, wood.

Irons are used for shorter shots, typically numbered from the 3-iron up to the 9-iron. The higher the number, the higher the "loft", indicating how high the golf ball will fly through the air. For example, the 3-iron will fly 150-190 yards, while the 9-iron will fly only 90-100 yards.

The remaining specialized clubs are used on or around the green. A pitching wedge, with lots of loft, is used to get the ball out of the rough around the green. A sand wedge, also with a lot of loft, is used to extract the ball out of "bunkers" that often surround the greens.

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Background of the Sport

Pitch and Putt Golfers

A favorite pastime for both locals and seasoned visitors of Vancouver is going to your local Pitch and Putt golf course. No need to be an expert golfer - all one needs is a weekend interest in giving some clubs a swing, and around ten bucks. Holes vary from 20 to 100 yards, and two irons plus a putter will do you nicely for the day. No driving, no hiking for miles with loads of expensive gear - just pitching and putting your ball. Vancouver and area has several public pitch and putt golf courses that are almost always available for walk-on games, and the price makes missing Pebble Beach not such a big deal.

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Because the courses is more compact, the only equipment needed are two irons and a putter.

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There are several Pitch and Putt courses in the Lower Mainland:

Location Address Phone Number Comments

Central Park Pitch & Putt

3883 Imperial Street


Kensington Park Pitch & Putt

5889 Curtis Street



West Richmond Pitch & Putt Golf Course

9751 Pendleton Road.

(604) 271-7333

Nine hole course, in Hugh Boyd Community Park, bordered by No. 1 Road, Francis Road, Pendleton and Parksville Road.


Queen Elizabeth Park Pitch & Putt

Queen Elizabeth Park


Open: Feb thru Nov.
In the heart of residential Vancouver and close to the popular Van Dusen Gardens.

Rupert Park Pitch & Putt

3402 Charles Street


Open: Feb thru Nov

Stanley Park Pitch & Putt

Stanley Park (near Beach Ave entrance)


Open: Year Round
Located near the Lost Lagoon, the tennis courts and the lawn-bowling area

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