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Author: Bob Cummins

In today's environment almost every kitchen has a microwave oven and when looking for microwave cookware there is a ton to choose from. When looking for cookware I think the best microwave cookware is the kind that can be used in your conventional oven as well as in your microwave. However depending on the preferred cooking process there might be certain types of microwave cookware that are only used for microwave cooking.

I usually use the microwave oven in one of two ways. I either use it as a tool during the cooking process or use it solely as the main cooking process. An example of using it as a tool would be to thaw something and then finish the cooking process either on the stove top or in a conventional oven. That's one reason why looking for cookware that can be used both in a regular oven and a microwave is a good idea.

However there are some cooking processes that do quite well in the microwave because it is either faster or the food comes out as good as or better than preparing it in a convention oven or stove top. In these cases you would want cookware that would only be used for the microwave oven. Some examples of this would be preparing bacon, steaming vegetables, or making baked potatoes.

Another example is a microwave pasta cooker. This cooking process is so much faster and the pasta comes out as good as if you prepared it the conventional way. The conventional way you would have to bring to a boil several quarts of water then add the pasta this whole process could take 20-30 minutes. Using a microwave pasta cooker it takes 15 minutes or less from start to finish. The great part about this is your not waiting for a big pot of water to boil.

In summary when possible the best microwave cookware is cookware that can be used in either cooking processes but there are a few exceptions were cookware that can only be used in the microwave is the right choice.

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