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Choosing the perfect clubwear is not a huge problem but, you need to fulfill some factors first, and you are ready to go. First of all you need to know that clubwear is not only role play costumes, because sometimes people misinterpret both of them. Clubwear is what you wear to a party or when you are hitting a dance club, while the role play costumes are those small uniforms that you wear during an intimate relationship.

Choosing the right clubwear is often related to your size. If you are a super model, then you can wear anything you want regardless of the style, the couture or the fabric. If you live in the real world then most probably you have some flaws so, the wisest decision is to find something that looks nice on you and conceals these flaws in a smart way.

If you are a petite woman, then you need something to enhance your body. You may need a bra with under wire to provide support to your chest area and push up your breasts a little bit. It is very important to choose a nice color to boost the effect of the bra. If you are a plus sized woman, and you want to have a nice clubwear outfit, then you might go with something with a halter around the neck with a corset underneath to provide extra rigidity for your waist and bust regions.

  1. Other colors can say different things as well. When it comes to red color, it is the symbol of fiery passion so, keep it for the real romantic nights. Choose a color that makes you feel sexy!

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