Greater Vancouver Cooking: Advice On How To Use The Slow Cooker

Author: Matt LeClair

The slow cooker is one of the most valuable appliances that you can have in your kitchen because it gives you the freedom of being able to cook an entire meal with very little effort on your part. There are a few important things that you need to remember when using the slow cooker. Keeping these few tips in mind will help make each and every slow cooking experience a pleasant one.

First, when using the slow cooker to make a meal for you and your family, always make sure you have the right size cooker for the job. The slow cooker utilizes the space within itself as a reservoir for all of the juicers and vapors that are released from the food being cooked. This produces a soaking effect in which the food item, whether it be beef, chicken, or pork, is completely saturated in order to give it the best possible flavor. If there is no room within the slow cooker because it is too small to be able to hold all of the food, then this process will not occur the way it should and your food will not cook properly.

Another important tip to keep in mind when using the slow cooker is not to overcook your food. This is one of the biggest mistakes that many people make since it is so easy to set something in the slow cooker to cook, and then forget that you had set it out in the first place. When you overcook something, it becomes dry and loses the flavor that you are looking for. Some slow cookers have safety devices in place that will automatically reduce the heat if the contents inside have reached the maximum temperature throughout, but this is still not going to prevent your food from drying out, it will only delay it. It's up to you to make sure that you remove the food from heat when the time is right.

Finally, always be sure to clean the slow cooker after every use. This will guarantee that none of your dishes become contaminated from old food that was never cleaned up. You food will cook much better if you have a clean appliance to work with and there will be less risk of malfunction. Getting in the habit of cleaning your appliances after every use is simply just good practice.

The next time you use the slow cooker, be sure to keep these simple tips in mind and you'll be certain to have a pleasant cooking experience with excellent results.

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