Greater Vancouver Carving Thanksgiving Christmas Turkey

(NC)-The turkey is the show-stopper of most Canadian holiday feasts - some even say that carving the turkey is the most important part of the entire meal! Canadian entertainers need not fret about making a turkey blunder at the dinner table this holiday season. The secret to successfully carving a turkey lies in the tools - especially a quality knife.

"A razor sharp knife is essential to a perfectly carved turkey," says Fred Kabakos, marketing manager for Wiltshire Cutlery. "Canadians who are unsure of how to sharpen their carving knife for the big day should look no further than the Wiltshire Soft Touch Stay Sharp Carving Knife. This knife comes complete with its own scabbard that sharpens the blade each time you remove the knife from its casing - making sure each cut is precise and stress-free."

Kabakos shares his steps on how to carve a turkey like a pro:

  1. Cover the turkey with foil and let sit for 15 minutes.
  2. Always cut the dark meat first (it will stay moist for a longer period of time than light meat).
  3. To determine where to make the first cut, run your knife along the bottom of the turkey to find where the thigh bones meet the body.
  4. Place the knife in the joint and separate the thigh from the rest of the body on each side. Repeat this procedure to separate the drumstick from the thigh and the wings from the body.
  5. Cut the thigh and leg meat into thin slices and layer on your serving platter.
  6. Cutting parallel to the breast, carve thin slices off one side of the breast.
  7. Layer these pieces on the serving platter in a fan-like design.
  8. Garnish your serving platter with all the trimmings and enjoy!

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