Greater Vancouver Cooking: How to Keep Summer Cooking Sizzling

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Ah, the lazy days of summer. The sun is out, the birds are chirping, and the sweet smell of summer cooking wafts in the warm air. Like a drawl to anxious chatter, the late nights and hot weather of summer bring a slow, relaxed feel to any hectic dinner routine. Summer cooking trends are some of the most loved traditions of the season, but burgers and buns can get boring. Instead of making the same old dish, try the following summer cooking tips and add variety to your summer cook-out.

1. Spice up your seasonings:

American beef is always a first pick for BBQ, but why not opt for meat born and bred in another country? Although Italy is most widely known for starting the spaghetti trend, this region has some of the tastiest, juiciest cuts of beef made for the grill. The trick is to keep it simple, even if you can't find an authentic Tuscan steak. Season with lemon juice before placing it on the grill, and top it off with a drizzle of olive oil and a dash of salt and pepper once it's ready to be served. You'll find that heavy BBQ sauce is not the only way to enjoy a perfect steak.

2. Give grilling an Island feel, mon:

Ask anyone who has tried it, pulled pork is hard to top during BBQ season. Now wrap it in and bacon and try to stop your mouth from watering. Pork loin is the tenderest part of the pig and is the leanest cut. Coat with dijon mustard, load on brown sugar and lightly douse with dark Caribbean rum. Set the pork loin on top of 3 or 4 thick slabs of bacon, adding more to the top. To make sure the pork loin and bacon stick together, tie it together with some chef string. Set it on the grill, let it cook for about an hour, and wait until the bacon becomes crispy brown. It's BBQ, Barbados-style.

3. Break the bun habit:

Korean barbecuing brings out the flavors of meat and fish, without the bun. Lettuce is wrapped around grilled short ribs or chicken, and sweetened with bean paste, shredded scallions and fresh garlic. Traditionally, Korean BBQ is barbecued at the table with a charcoal or gas grill built into the table. Although a table-top BBQ may be hard to come across, this Asian-inspired summer dinner is an easy way to gather a big group of friends and family. Pair marinated chicken with pan-fried vegetables and you have yourself a Korean delicacy that closely resembles a chicken stir-fry.

From Flavorless to Fiery

Hot dogs and hamburgers and baked beans, oh my! They sound mouth watering when May rolls around, but by the time August hits, the flavor can fade out. When you incorporate new seasonings, meats and culinary styles, you're sure to find yourself with a summer dinner that's anything but bland.

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