Greater Vancouver Food: Hold out for whole grains!

(NC)-When you scan the myriad of food packages in your local grocery store it is well worth the time and effort to find whole grain products. Holding out for whole grains can benefit you in many ways!

You get more health benefits from the whole kernel of grain. A whole kernel of grain has three parts, the endosperm, bran and germ. Before they are milled or refined, all grains are whole. Some grains are milled, or refined, to remove the bran portions, leaving only the endosperm. This removes most of the health benefits of the bran and germ portions. Since whole grain foods contain all three parts of the grain kernel, they also provide you with the most health benefits.

The nutrients and other substances such as "phytochemicals" in whole grains work together in powerful ways. In other words, it is more than the individual nutrients and other substances in whole grains that lead to health benefits. The benefits come from the way these elements interact with each other in the whole grain food.

Whole grain oats supply a kind of fibre known as soluble fibre. Eating foods that provide this kind of soluble fibre, as part of a healthy diet, appears to help keep blood cholesterol levels in check.

Make the healthy choice! As part of healthy eating, Canada's Food Guide recommends we make half of our grain choices "whole grain". Give yourself the whole grain advantage when you shop by reading food labels and looking for the words "whole grain". Learn more about whole grains at

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