Greater Vancouver Neighbourhoods: Uptown, Moody Park in New Westminster

The Uptown area lies southwest of Queens Park between 1st Street and 6th Street, above Royal Avenue. The area around 6th St and 6th Avenue became a retail magnet since the mid 1950s, and was renamed Royal City Centre Mall in 1993. Moody Park is the recreational heart of the uptown area. Uptown has 7,000 residents, about 1/3 being immigrants (largest groups from the United Kingdom, the Philippines and the People's Republic of China), and an average household income of $35,000. The Kelvin neighbourhood, west of Moody Park is home to 2,000, with a similar demographic but average household income of $55,000.


Most Uptown residents live in apartments, typically two per unit, and a higher proportion of rentals than owned units than average. Most residents in Kelvin residents live in single detached houses, with an average of 3 per household.


Shopping is clustered around 6th and 6th and the Royal City Centre Mall


The neighbourhoods have a number of small parks scattered around and the larger Moody has an outdoor pool, as well as a nearby Mercer Stadium, Moody Park Arena, Vincent Massey Auditorium. The New Westminster Regimental Museum is also close by.


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