Brunette Creek, Fraserview in New Westminster - Vancouver neighbourhoods

One the east side of New Westminster, this is the City's prime industrial areas, along Brunette Creek, and therefore this neighbourhood has very few residents. The amount of industrial land (New Westminster Industrial Park) in the Brunette Creek neighbourhood is about half of the industrial land in the City, and is used by 38 manufacturers, 22 warehouse and storage facilities, and 14 transportation and communication companies. The Glenbrooke South neighbourhood has about 3,000 residents, about 1/6 immigrants, mostly from the United Kingdom and Poland (though most recently from the United States, Romania, the United Kingdom and Mexico).


Most Glenbrooke South residents live in apartments, with more rentals than owned than other areas of New Westminster.


There are shops and restaurants located along 10th Ave and Columbia Street, which also connects to nearby Lougheed Mall and Carbioo Centre shopping centres to the north.


The neighbourhoods have small community parks scattered throughout and adjoin the Cariboo-Brunette River Conservation Area. The neighbourhood is home to the Sapperton Rovers, one of Greater Vancouver's strongest soccer teams.


The neighbourhoods are served by 1 elementary school, and students attend New Westminster High, to the west. Post secondary students can attend Columbia College nearby or take transit to other institutions in the Vancouver area.

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