Eastside, East Hastings, Strathcona (Vancouver) Vancouver neighbourhoods

The neighbourhood along East Hastings is the poorest and most run-down neighbourhood in all of Canada. The Eastside is sandwiched between Burrard Inlet and East Hastings Street, and between Clark Drive on the east and Cambie Street at the edge of downtown. Strathcona stretches from Hastings Street south through the industrial/railway lands to Great Northern Way, and between Main Street tand Clark Drive. This neighbourhood starts west of Chinatown but continues well to the east pas the end of Vancouver's container port facilities.

While most inhabitants are single middle-aged men, low or no-income and welfare-recipients, the community is well known for its drug dealers, drug addicts, prostitutes, homeless people, and drunks. The area's "anti-poverty activists" appear hell-bent to sabotage the 2010 Winter Olympics, for the feared displacement of low income residents of the area.


The community is mostly low-rent or subsidized apartments and numerous early 1900 hotels, that are poorly maintained and primarily long term rentals.

Most of the houses in the neighbourhood go back to the early 1900's. These houses carry a lot of charm and character, but many are in poor condition.


New Hastings Street Condos

Mostly pawn shops, small groceries and smoke shops. There are many boarded-up shops, but some stores have remained in hopes that the neighbourhood's condition will improve.


The are has a number of small parks, and the Strathcona Community Centre with ice arena and indoor pool.


The area has three elementary schools: Lord Strathcona, St Francis Xavier, and Admiral Seymour. There is also a public library

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East Side of Vancouver Community Map