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Lynn Valley started as a logging road to the mill built in 1911, and was developed significantly in the 1950s, after the current Second Narrows Bridge was completed, making automobile access into Vancouver reliable. The community was built on the west side of the steep and deep Lynn Valley, with Mountain Highway as the north-south route to the Second Narrows Bridge, and Lynn Valley Rd being the diagonal road into the core of North Vancouver.

Central Lynn is just north of Lynn Valley Centre. Westlynn , developed in the 1960s, is bordered by Lynn Canyon Park on the east and Lynn Valley Rd and the Upper Levels Highway to the west.

Lower Westlynn is the neighbourhood closest to where Mountain Highway meets the /Transportation-Canada. Upper Westlynn is located on both sides of Mountain Highway just south of Lynn Valley Centre.

Westlynn Terrace is nestled between Hastings Creek and Lynn Canyon Park, south of Ross Rd , with many homes on treed lots sloping toward the Canyon. Lynn Canyon is located around the end of Lynn Valley Drive (where it meets Dempsey Rd) near the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge and the Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre. Upper Lynn is the neighbourhood around where Mountain Highway meets Dempsey Rd, just below the treeline.


The community's shopping is focused around the Lynn Valley Centre. South on Mountain Highway, takes shoppers to the Park and Tilford Shopping Centre, which also has a movie theatre. To the west, via 29th Avenue, is Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver 's main north-south commercial avenue with a wide range of shopping, dining, and entertainment..


The Lynn Valley area has a number of elementary schools (Fromme, Upper Lynn, Lynn Valley, Westover, Ross Road, and Eastview) and either Argyle Senior Secondary School or Sutherland Senior Secondary. Lynn Valley Centre also has a pubic library. Capilano College is about 2 kilometres down Mountain Highway.


This area is ideal for long walks in the park, and for those who enjoy hiking through Lynn Canyon. The Suspension Bridge is free, and there is an ecological centre by the bridge. Kirkstone Park, southwest of Lynn Valley Centre has an indoor ice arena. There is a movie theatre down Mountain Highway at the Park & Tilford Shopping Centre.


Lynn Valley east of Mountain Highway slopes down to Lynn Creek and its park land, and many homes have views of Lynn Valley and of the west side of Mount Seymour. Residences are a mix of two-storey ranches, one-floor bungalows and split levels. The neighbourhoods west of Mountain Highway are mostly developed since 1980, and is a mix of single family homes and some apartments and townhouses. Price Range: $309,000 to $850,000

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