Thompson, Terra Nova in Richmond - Vancouver neighbourhoods

This community lies west of No 2 Rd, and north of Granville, and includes a number of neighbourhoods: Terra Nova, Gibbons, Riverdale, Tiffany, Dover and Richmond Gardens, The Thompson community is surrounded by water and the dyke on the north and west edges and by the City Centre on the eastern edge. It has an abundance of park and community space, and a variety of housing options and styles.


The community is mostly single family residential, with multi-family housing along No 1 Rd, and near No 2 Rd, along Westminster Highway and Granville Ave. There also is an RV park to the north, along the Fraser River.


There is a grocery store nearby at Blundell Shopping Centre (No 2 & Blundell), but most residents head to the nearby malls along No 3 Rd in the City Centre.


The community has its largest park, Terra Nova, along the West Dyke where it meets the Middle Arm of the Fraser River. This park has tennis courts, a baseball diamond and sports fields. To the southwest is the Quilchena Golf Course. The community also has a community centre and a number of bicycle routes.


The community has 2 elementary schools and is home to JN Burnett Secondary. The public library and Kwantlen University College are nearby.

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