Upper Levels in West Vancouver - Vancouver neighbourhoods

There are various neighbourhoods north of (above) the Upper Levels Highway, west of the British Properties (from east to west): Chartwell, Canterbury, Whitby Estates, Panorama Village, Chelsea Park, and Deer Ridge. (Accessed using Upper Levels Exits 8,10, or 11)

These neighbourhoods have great views over Burrard Inlet, the City of Vancouver, and the Strait of Georgia, and have excellent proximity to Vancouver via the Lion's Gate Bridge and to Vancouver Island and Whistler via the Upper Levels Highway.


This area, being a high-end development, does not have much in the way of 7-11's and the like. Area residents head down the hill to the many shops in the Ambleside Village shopping district along Marine Drive, or take the Upper Levels and Taylor Way to Park Royal Shopping Centre for their shopping


These neighbourhoods are served by Chartwell Elementary and Sentinel Secondary School.


There are a number of parks and ravine areas around the community, and the nieighbourhood is home to the prestigous Hollyburn Country Club. Skiing and other outdoor activities are close-by at Cypress Bowl and Cypress Provincial Park (1 or 2 exits west on the Upper Levels Highway)


Most of the homes here are single family houses, and about 15% of the residences are multi-family condos under 5 stories. About half of homes date to before 1970, one third form the 1970s and 80s, and one-sixth since then.

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