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Man diving off tower

Diving is a sport now over 100 years old. In the early 19th and 20th centuries diving was known as "plunging" and featured what is know known as a "Swan Dive". Later, gymnasts added twists and spins when they practised manoeuvres landing in water instead of on a wooden gym floor. Today, there are more than 70 different types of dives, organized into six different groupings: 1) forward dives, 2) back dives, 3) reverse dives, 4) inward dives, 5) twist dives, 6) armstand dives.

Diving is a year-round way to improve your balance, co-ordination and muscle tone. Because of the risk factor involved with the sport of diving, it is advisable to get lessons from a trained professional. Some elements may take a lot of practise to master. Try each move from a low board before trying it from the highest board or tower.

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Diving is an inexpensive sport to get involved in, requiring only a bathing suit. Make sure your swimsuit fits snugly (women should wear a one-piece) because you don't want to lose your bathing suit when you enter the water.

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Diving instruction is offered at most pools around town. Diving instruction is offered at various pools around town. One of the clubs you should check into is Canadian Diving Association which operates out of the beautiful Vancouver Aquatic Centre. The University of British Columbia Aquatic Centre is another place to check into diving lessons.

To contact a diving club near you, call the Canadian Diving Association, (604)737-3043.

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