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You may hear the sales pitch for car detailing. They have a 30-step process, washing the outside, shampooing the seats, cleaning the dashboard with Q-tips, cleaning the trunk, even dressing the engine, etc. They claim it takes 3 hours and pricing is all over the map, ranging from $50 to well over $100, depending on which list of services is provided and the size and make of your vehicle. This is, in effect, an upscale car wash.

Many auto detail services are located in executive parking lots, adding a level of convenience for those who don't want to drive to a detailing shop. Some detailing businesses are totally mobile, with a van or pickup truck carrying a reservoir of water and a power generator.

Many auto detailers swear that most of their business comes from car dealers, though this business is very competitive (and might only use detailing when a used car is offered in an auction or is first added to their lot.) Most are getting their business from car owners, who are owning their cars longer, but want to (at the least, occasionally) have that new car feel they get with detailed cleaning.

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